Cold Bore Technology has developed the SmartPAD™ system to revolutionize the way your frac works for you. With the ability to monitor and record the status of every valve and the pressure in every pipe section, operational efficiencies are streamlined like never before. Cold Bore produces real time NPT reporting, allowing minute-by-minute analysis of operations to calculate lost time and where to recover it.

Understanding Non-Productive Time

What is the cause or what are the multiple causes of your downtime? Using the data generated by the Cold Bore SmartPAD™ system, uncover cause and effect relationships that were previously unknown, empowering you and your team to make more informed decisions. Save time and money at an unprecedented level and instantly calculate NPT across one well, one pad, or an entire project.

Real Time Confirmation

Using the SmartPAD™ system, Cold Bore creates a digital twin of your surface frac equipment, accessible on portable tablets on location or remotely for team members off-site. Real-time information allows your entire team to collaborate and make better, faster and more streamlined decisions.

Predictive Data and Analytics

Collect invaluable operational data and unlock unprecedented insights. Minute-by-minute analysis of operations exposes unnecessary, wasted time across all services on location. Consolidating tracked data from services allows operators to expose lost time causes and inefficient operations. Equipped with advanced analytics data, optimize and customize your fracking operations while reducing material waste, non-productive time, and improving your bottom line.

Frac Optimization

The SmartPAD™ system, coupled with our cutting-edge data analytics, allows you to understand exactly what is happening on the surface of your frac. Uncovering this information creates the opportunity to continually learn and adapt, making each successive completion more effective and efficient. This is the technology revolution completions has been waiting for. Turn your analog completions activity into a digitally-tracked process that is optimized the same way drilling has optimized the process of drilling a well.

Types of Identifiable Events

  • Monitor Valve Position
  • Monitor Pressure on Both Sides of All Valves on Surface
  • Monitor Flow Path
  • Set Pre-set Alerts and Alarms

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Think your business and Cold Bore’s technology would be a great match? Want to know more about Cold Bore and how it’s revolutionizing the Oil & Gas Industry? Let’s talk!

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Let's Work Together

Think your business and Cold Bore's technology would be a great match? Want to know more about Cold Bore and how it's revolutionizing the Oil & Gas Industry? Let's talk!

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By harnessing the power of proprietary sonic receivers and software, when an event emits a sound in your wellbore, we hear it, measure it, and communicate this invaluable data in real time.

And unlike traditional pressure monitoring, offset well monitoring is more than just an indicator of cross-communication between primary and adjacent wells.

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